Not just networking... Tendring Friends
In Business
Connecting . Supporting . Succeeding

Looking for new ways to promote, grow and strengthen your business?

The Tendring Friends in Business (TFIB) networking group is about more than just networking…. We forge valuable and mutually beneficial business relationships and friendships with likeminded people in business, but we also offer a circle of support, where members can discuss business concerns, issues and ideas – tapping into the knowledge and experience of their fellow members.

We only have one member per sector / business type, so you won’t ever need to worry that you’re giving away trade secrets or fraternising with the enemy. We gather as ‘friends’ who offer opportunities and introductions where possible, but more importantly we connect on a fortnightly basis for the benefit of all our businesses, however we can help!

Our business introduction success in 2019 resulted in around 500 new connections for our members – boosting and strengthening every business in our network.
We all know how tough marketing and lead generation can be – so a warm, recommended introduction often goes a long way!
TFIB Member

Our firm has been a member of Tendring Friends in Business since 2010. We enjoy sharing business opportunities with other members in a friendly environment over lovely breakfasts. It gives members a chance to share and solve problems that face businesses, as well as the odd joke or two. What better face to face way to meet so many potential customers (and suppliers) for your business every fortnight? To sum up TFiB is well worth getting up early for.”

TFIB Member

I joined TFIB in 2016 and I was amazed at how much work I gained in a short space of time. They are very friendly and not only is the networking great, but they are fun to be with socially. I can recommend the group and it is lovely when we have substitutes stand in that say how much they miss the group now they are not full members. Many who leave because of other commitments often remain on the subs list. Last year 500 pieces of work were passed around the table, so very worthwhile.

TFIB Member

I have found our TFIB membership invaluable. TFIB keeps me in touch with local business people and business trends, which I think is important.

By talking about my business on a regular basis it maintains my confidence when standing up in front of people and speaking. It was never one of my strengths, but I now feel at ease when doing it.